September Ramblings/Disappeared Again

Well, looks like I’m making a habit of this. Popping up at random with months in between appearances. Should’ve known, considering my infrequent posts on every other social media site. Regardless, I’m here now. What’s going on? Hope everything is going well for you and yours. As for me, I’ve been adjusting to a newContinue reading “September Ramblings/Disappeared Again”

What’s Going on with Me

This post is gonna be a little tricky for me. Though I like to write and I’m trying to get my name out there as much as possible, gotta admit that I’m a little wary about sharing too much. Still, if I want to run a blog, I need to be willing to open upContinue reading “What’s Going on with Me”

I’ve Got a Blog

Keeping up with something is a bit of a struggle for me. What can I say? Consistency is a hard discipline to master. As an indie author, having consistent content available is as important as breathing when it comes to survival in this thriving marketplace of stories. I haven’t liked the idea of making aContinue reading “I’ve Got a Blog”