Stuff That’s Going On

Hope everyone is doing well today.

Since last time, I’ve been hard at work, in more ways than one. As always, I have to go to the old day job. Gotta do what I can so I can write in my free time. Day job is a pain. Ready to quit. In fact, I turned in my notice last week. I’ve reached the last straw, perhaps I’ll explain everything at a later date). Already have a new job lined up. Hope a new change of pace will make working a little more bearable.

In terms of writing, I’ve uploaded a few more chapters to Kindle Vella. If you haven’t got around to reading them, go look me up on Amazon (William H. Dewayne). You can also find me by copying:

Any reads will help. First three chapters of every story is free. If you have some feedback, give me your analysis. Anything helps me become a better author.

Finished reading A Storm Of Swords by George R. R. Martin. That was an awesome book. I’ve got a lot of thoughts that I’m jotting down on why it was so fantastic.

Another series I’m composing my thoughts on is a manga called Rurouni Kenshin. It’s such a unique series with a protagonist so different from anyone else. I need to reread the series to see how accurate my thoughts are. (Yes, I’m analyzing it before rereading it.)

Not sure what I want to do with these analysis papers. I might upload them. We’ll see.

In final news, I’ve started a YouTube channel. Didn’t think I would, but sometimes my whims take over. This was one of those times. Not sure what kind of content I’m gonna focus on, but I’ve uploaded a few shorts. Look me up at William Omitted. Any views help.

Well, that wraps it up for this one. Thanks for stopping by. Got plenty of work left to do before I hit the hay. Have a great day. May the wind be at your back. Hope God blesses you and yours. You know, all that stuff. Later.

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I'm a Self-Published Author, Borderline Otaku, and Rock/Metal Lover. Check out my books on Amazon!

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